Our unique factor is in how we define yours. We put eight wooded acres between us and the rest of the world, so when you work with us, you get unobstructed views and clear-headed thinking.

ClearBrands exists to help companies:  

  1. Identify their most valuable customers (MVCs) 

  2. Create a process to identify additional companies who look just like their MVCs

  3. Position their company as the clear leader in serving these MVCs

  4. Implement a business development process that attracts more MVCs

This is how we see it

Clients come to ClearBrands for a focused customer strategy that will guide their growth to $100 million in sales and beyond.

We typically begin working with B2B companies whose sales are in the $10 to $50 million range. Most have a disconnect between their current positioning and the needs of their most valuable customers. That is, they lack a single point of differentiation powerful enough to double - and then double again - their sales over the next ten years.

Our clients have something unique to offer a specific set of customers.  They often feel stuck between working with a big marketing agency who’ll make them a low priority and a small shop that lacks the tools and know-how to effectively build their brand and revenue results.

Our clients notice the ClearBrands difference right away.  It starts with our surroundings--wood and countryside, not steel and concrete.  We assemble a team of thinkers whose talents and experience are best suited for the task of designing solutions around their business.  We’ll listen. Get inside the heads of their customers. And develop practical ideas that are actionable—fast. Creative strategies that are based on sound business and specifically targeted to their highest-value strategic customer market.

Through our unique B2B one-to-one marketing approach, ClearBrands will bring your sales team close to your strategic customer prospects.  It’s an approach that’ll not only make your marketing more cost-effective, but help you exploit new revenue opportunities.


Sharp focus

It’s hard to make an impact when you’re bouncing ideas off a dozen layers of bureaucracy. So we leave the mega-clients to the mega-agencies. We focus our talents on the small and medium-size companies where we can deliver the most value.  

We help companies define a clear and focused position on who they really are—what makes their business unique and desirable in the market. We design compelling sales and marketing strategies that powerfully connect value propositions to strategic customer desires. And we deliver customized marketing campaigns that help sell to more strategic customers with less effort.

Contact us to learn more about ClearBrands or to arrange a time to talk about your business.