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Pittsburgh Marketing Consultants Assist in Growing Muscle Wall Holdings Product Awareness 

Utah-based Stormwater systems manufacturer selects, Pittsburgh Marketing Consultants, ClearBrands to assist with growing awareness and adoption of its patented products.

Muscle Wall Holdings develops and manufactures innovative stormwater, flood control and containment products for the construction, municipality and oil and gas markets. Its patented Muscle Wall® System has been rigorously tested and approved by the United States Corps of Engineers and deployed on hundreds of projects around the globe.

A portable technology used as effective alternatives to silt fencing, sand bags, and earthen solutions, the Muscle Wall system replaces hundreds of thousands of sandbags in a fraction of the time. The resilient, reusable and customizable system allows quick and easy set up and removal by a few people with no heavy equipment required.

Muscle Wall selected Pittsburgh marketing consultants ClearBrands to design and implement a civil engineer and contractor product awareness and adoption program that positions Muscle Wall as a compelling advantage over sand bag, silt fence, and tube applications. Tangible results will include a significant increase in scheduled engineer lunch and learn product presentations resulting in measurable increases in the Muscle Wall system being specified on stormwater, containment and flood prevention projects.

Pittsburgh Marketing Consultants

Mountain Pine Manufacturing - Growing Brand Awareness and Product Adoption

Brand Awareness and Product Adoption

Colorado-based manufacturer selects ClearBrands to build brand awareness and encourage adoption of its patented hill slope stabilization system.  

Mountain Pine Manufacturing is the manufacturer and distributor of WoodStraw®, a scientifically engineered alternative to Hydromulch and Erosion Blanket applications that maximizes sustainable soil retention and accelerates vegetative recovery on steep hill slope stabilization construction projects.

Developed by scientists, ecologists and soil engineers in partnership with the Washington State Department of Ecology and the US Forest Service Research Lab, WoodStraw has been rigorously field-tested and proven on hundreds of real-world reclamation sites, demonstrating superior outcomes compared to Hydromulch and Erosion Blanket applications.

Seeking to build brand awareness and adoption among state DOT’s, civil engineers, landscape architects and contractors, Mountain Pine selected ClearBrands to design and implement a WoodStraw growth acceleration program that convincingly demonstrates the value impact of its technology – how it is better, faster, friendlier, and more cost-effective for hill slope stabilization projects compared to widely-used hydromulch and rolled erosion blankets. Tangible results will include a significant increase in scheduled engineer lunch and learns resulting in measurable increases in WoodStraw being specified on construction hill slope restoration projects.

Visit Mountain Pine Manufacturing’s website HERE.


Transforming a Industrial Power Washing Company into a Power Selling Machine

Product Positioning, Sales and Marketing Solution


The limiting technology of high-pressure water heat exchanger tube cleaning was forcing petrochemical plant turnaround managers to accept significant trade-offs in heat exchanger performance, safety, and production down time.

Conco’s patented mechanical tube cleaning technology was superior in comparison to traditional high-pressure water competitors and delivered significant savings to petrochemical plant customers. Conco management knew their process created real savings, but had not fully researched and measured the value it created. Its sales team struggled to clearly illustrate and communicate the value of their unique system, making it difficult to access senior petrochemical plant decision makers. Conco’s price was continually scrutinized by purchasing managers that were fixated on lower price competitors. Not convincingly documenting and demonstrating the superior value of its system was painting Conco as “just another power washing vendor”, making it challenging to capture value-based fees and grow new contracts in a significant way.


Conco retained the Pittsburgh marketing firm, ClearBrands, to help its team design and implement a Product Value Impact™ sales process for achieving 2 goals:

  1. Build brand name awareness as the hands-down industry leader for heat exchanger turnaround solutions

  2. Enable its sales team to transform the way it reaches, pitches and wins large, high-value petrochemical customer contracts

The sales and marketing solution required adopting a new philosophy for documenting and demonstrating superior customer value. New customer value stories were packaged and implemented in a targeted B2B marketing campaign that now produces a constant stream of new sales meetings with petrochemical company decision makers. Conco’s sales team is armed with overt and compelling product presentations that enable them to pitch and win new value-based fee contracts. The new industrial sales and marketing process has produced year-over-year sales growth records for Conco’s petrochemical division.


Watch the Value Impact Video™ ClearBrands developed that helps Conco’s sales team “clear the fog” by convincingly demonstrating compelling operational advantages their system delivers to petrochemical customers.


Hear Conco’s team share how the ClearBrands sales and marketing program helps them stay focused, go faster, and win more.

New Video Clears Fog; Sells More Products Faster

The Problem

HyperActive Technologies needed a short, impactful way explain QTimer, their drive thru timer technology that dramatically improves quick service restaurant drive thru speed and profitability.

Problem was, national quick service restaurant owners thought QTimer was “just another drive thru timer”. HyperActive’s inability to “clear the fog” was preventing the company from getting enough strategic prospects to the buyer table.


fog lifted – True Value Revealed

ClearBrands created a short, engaging video that quickly cut to QTimer’s business benefits, compelling more national quick service restaurant owners to take action.

We also designed, wrote and produced a value impact calculator landing page so franchise owners can quickly "do the math" and see the big time savings and revenue gains QTimer can bring to their business.  Lastly, we created a low-friction “QTimer Test Drive” offering; a fast, low-risk product pilot test that gives multi-store owners a way to prove the QTimer system before committing to a larger franchise-wide implementation. The combined video, value calculator and test drive offering has helped HyperActive dramatically accelerate customer understanding and drive faster sales appointment setting outcomes, adding over 60 new strategic, multi-unit owner sales appointments within the first 90 days alone.

Does your business, product or service suffer from “customer fog”?

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ClearBrands Makes Dream Customer Sales a Reality for Award Winning Product Design Firm

Bally Design now engages bigger clients faster, with less effort using icebreaker strategy

The Problem

Bally Design has a 40-year track record with scores of award winning commercial product design solutions in its portfolio. However the three partners who run the company were also responsible for sales. Simply put, Bally didn't have enough new, high quality client conversations occurring to make their project portfolio selective and consistent resulting in a lack of recurring revenue streams and never enough “strategic fit” clients. 

"We knew we had something special to offer, but we didn’t speak our business well – it was exhausting trying to say what we did in a way that didn't sound like every other product design firm."

– Tom Kubilius, Principal
Watch the 1-minute video


The Opportunity

Industrial design firms all smell, look and sound the same – Bally was in a commodity trap. But ClearBrands pinpointed three common “jobs” that large company VPs who are responsible for managing and growing product lines struggle with:

1. Envisioning new game-changing product opportunities
2. Expanding existing product lines
3. Re-invigorating tired product lines 

As simple as it sounds, these 3 "jobs" fit neatly with Bally's key strengths and offered a tidy, unique way to communicate the firm's 3 valuable service offerings. 


The Single Nail™ Solution

Recognizing that VPs of product innovation are burdened to “fail fast and cheap” and that they place high value on successful, risk reduced execution, ClearBrands helped Bally shift its commoditized position of "design" to the Single Nail focus of "Agile Innovation of Purposeful and Profitable Products". This was Bally’s unique ability sweet spot and a key priority and desired outcome of corporate product innovation VPs.


Dream Customer Matchmaking

We helped Bally build and qualify a list of 150 dream companies – strategic, soul mate clients who have the promise of being highly desirable and profitable long-term clients. We used Innovation Icebreaker as a way to "break the ice" with their 150 dream companies, shipping a compelling priority package to VPs of New Product Innovation with a unique call to action that spurs action. 



To remove Bally from the product design RFP rat race, we developed and trademarked a unique engagement called Innovation Icebreaker™.  A short-term engagement, Innovation Icebreaker gives VPs of new product innovation a way to test drive Bally Design on a single project challenge, reducing their risk and enabling Bally to demonstrate their powerful capabilities. 



2.5x SALES Increase trend over previous year
260% new customer contracts increase


More Conversations, More of the Time 

ClearBrands put a repeatable, efficient system in place for touching 150 top brands for the first time and inviting them into a compelling conversation. Bally is now equipped with a proven process for activating a consistent flow of dream client conversations and high quality sales appointments. For companies who aren't ready today, the Bally client nurture program ensures a frequent, meaningful communication is kept with their prospect database -- ensuring Bally is building their Single Nail authority as a leading resource that excels at innovating purposeful and profitable products in a low-risk, agile fashion. 

The Bally partners can now rest easy and focus on their client projects knowing they have a repeatable system working for them -- cultivating and harvesting new, qualified sales appointments with their 150 dream companies. 

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ClearBrands Designs Unity NXT® Platform Brand Identity and User Interface Visual Standards

Confluence, the global leader in data-driven solutions for managed investment services, asked ClearBrands to help sharpen the visual identity and product user interface of Unity NXT®, its investment transparency reporting platform. 

ClearBrands designed a clean, elegant logotype for the Unity NXT product that compliments the clean lines and style of the Confluence corporate identity and color system. We also created visual design direction for the refresh of the Unity NXT online user interface.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Confluence serves the international fund industry with locations in Brussels, Dublin, Ho Chi Minh City, London, Luxembourg and San Francisco.

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ClearBrands Gives Pareto Consulting “Power Selling” Solution and Renewed Confidence

Firm now engages bigger clients faster, with less effort

The Problem

Pareto Consulting’s profession of strategic planning has become crowded -- scores of new consulting practices touting their expertise as strategic planners has grown significantly over the past decade. What's worse, over 90% of corporate strategic planning efforts fizzle out or fail in implementation, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of corporate CEOs, Pareto's key decision makers. The old ways of communicating their business had changed, leaving Pareto with a decreasing new client conversion average. Speaking their business in a way that resonated with CEOs had become a struggle. Pareto found themselves in a commodity trap with no clear plan on how to escape it. 

"We just didn’t feel we were tapping our full potential describing who we were and what we had to offer."

– Sherryl Nufer, Principal  
Watch the 1-minute video


The Opportunity

ClearBrands uncovered a very important, overlooked asset: Pareto had a unique ability most "strategic planning" competitors didn't – the ability to get client teams to execute strategic plans through successful completion. Pareto's ability to help organizations narrow many objectives down to a vital few objectives, and assist their teams with following through to completion with excellence was the firm's hallmark. 


The Single Nail™ Solution

Recognizing that CEOs place tremendously high value on “successful execution” of key initiatives, ClearBrands helped Pareto shift it's commoditized position of "strategic planning" to the Single Nail focus of "Breakthrough Team Execution". Pareto's unique ability and a CEOs' key priority and desired outcome were now perfectly matched. ClearBrands created and trademarked the name VFO Breakthrough™, a compelling new name for Pareto's unique and valuable service offering. We "re-packaged" Pareto's VFO Breakthrough process and stages onto one page, giving the firm a powerful, simple tool for communicating their value to CEOs and accelerating new client contracts.

We revamped Pareto's brand identity to reflect this new strategy, and we designed, wrote and launched their new website. Finally, we equipped Pareto's team with a short, concise elevator pitch that speaks directly to the heart of their valuable offering.

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