Mountain Pine Manufacturing - Growing Brand Awareness and Product Adoption

Brand Awareness and Product Adoption

Colorado-based manufacturer selects ClearBrands to build brand awareness and encourage adoption of its patented hill slope stabilization system.  

Mountain Pine Manufacturing is the manufacturer and distributor of WoodStraw®, a scientifically engineered alternative to Hydromulch and Erosion Blanket applications that maximizes sustainable soil retention and accelerates vegetative recovery on steep hill slope stabilization construction projects.

Developed by scientists, ecologists and soil engineers in partnership with the Washington State Department of Ecology and the US Forest Service Research Lab, WoodStraw has been rigorously field-tested and proven on hundreds of real-world reclamation sites, demonstrating superior outcomes compared to Hydromulch and Erosion Blanket applications.

Seeking to build brand awareness and adoption among state DOT’s, civil engineers, landscape architects and contractors, Mountain Pine selected ClearBrands to design and implement a WoodStraw growth acceleration program that convincingly demonstrates the value impact of its technology – how it is better, faster, friendlier, and more cost-effective for hill slope stabilization projects compared to widely-used hydromulch and rolled erosion blankets. Tangible results will include a significant increase in scheduled engineer lunch and learns resulting in measurable increases in WoodStraw being specified on construction hill slope restoration projects.

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