Leader? Challenger? Follower? Niche player?
What does your brand say to your customers or prospects?

Brand Positioning: The single largest influence on the buying decision
"Why should I buy this product or service?" or “Why should I do anything at all?" Providing customers with clear answers is the essence of defining your brand.

Fresh and Feasible ideas
We push clients to think differently, outside the soft and nebulous comfort zone, so they clearly and unquestionably differentiate themselves from competitors. We partner to identify and understand their real value to customers – their true value drivers – to define a highly focused, clear, specific, and unique positioning statement that captures the tangible benefits of their offering.  The goal?  One memorable and meaningful promise, communicated consistently.

Our strategic idea and planning capabilities:

• Value Propositions and Positioning Statements
• Brand Strategies
• Marketing Strategies and Tactical Planning
• Tag lines


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Soul-Searching Helps Community Recovery
Provider Define its
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The Phase Zero Workshop
Creating a 3-step system for communicating your business with clarity and confidence

An intensive, 2-day business re-focusing program for owner entreprenuers.

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