Top 10 branding and marketing challenges
our clients engage us to help them solve:

  1. We lack focus and consistency with our brand image, message and marketing materials.
  2. Collaboration between sales and marketing is uncoordinated--our culture and current way of doing things seems to limit our performance.
  3. We have a limited marketing budget; we need to spend it more wisely.
  4. We’re skeptical of marketing and advertising--we’re not sure what impact or return our investment is delivering.
  5. We’re facing increasing change and uncertainty in our market--the familiar ways of doing business don't work as well as they used to.
  6. Our sales cycle is too long and costly.
  7. Our customers and prospects don’t fully understand the “real” value our products offer.
  8. We miss too many opportunities for cross selling.
  9. We frequently lose sales to lower-cost competitors.
  10. We get pulled in too many directions—there’s too many tactics and a lack of group consensus, priorities and focus. 

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