ClearBrands Gives Pareto Consulting “Power Selling” Solution and Renewed Confidence

Firm now engages bigger clients faster, with less effort

The Problem

Pareto Consulting’s profession of strategic planning has become crowded -- scores of new consulting practices touting their expertise as strategic planners has grown significantly over the past decade. What's worse, over 90% of corporate strategic planning efforts fizzle out or fail in implementation, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of corporate CEOs, Pareto's key decision makers. The old ways of communicating their business had changed, leaving Pareto with a decreasing new client conversion average. Speaking their business in a way that resonated with CEOs had become a struggle. Pareto found themselves in a commodity trap with no clear plan on how to escape it. 

"We just didn’t feel we were tapping our full potential describing who we were and what we had to offer."

– Sherryl Nufer, Principal  
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The Opportunity

ClearBrands uncovered a very important, overlooked asset: Pareto had a unique ability most "strategic planning" competitors didn't – the ability to get client teams to execute strategic plans through successful completion. Pareto's ability to help organizations narrow many objectives down to a vital few objectives, and assist their teams with following through to completion with excellence was the firm's hallmark. 


The Single Nail™ Solution

Recognizing that CEOs place tremendously high value on “successful execution” of key initiatives, ClearBrands helped Pareto shift it's commoditized position of "strategic planning" to the Single Nail focus of "Breakthrough Team Execution". Pareto's unique ability and a CEOs' key priority and desired outcome were now perfectly matched. ClearBrands created and trademarked the name VFO Breakthrough™, a compelling new name for Pareto's unique and valuable service offering. We "re-packaged" Pareto's VFO Breakthrough process and stages onto one page, giving the firm a powerful, simple tool for communicating their value to CEOs and accelerating new client contracts.

We revamped Pareto's brand identity to reflect this new strategy, and we designed, wrote and launched their new website. Finally, we equipped Pareto's team with a short, concise elevator pitch that speaks directly to the heart of their valuable offering.

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