New Video Clears Fog; Sells More Products Faster

The Problem

HyperActive Technologies needed a short, impactful way explain QTimer, their drive thru timer technology that dramatically improves quick service restaurant drive thru speed and profitability.

Problem was, national quick service restaurant owners thought QTimer was “just another drive thru timer”. HyperActive’s inability to “clear the fog” was preventing the company from getting enough strategic prospects to the buyer table.


fog lifted – True Value Revealed

ClearBrands created a short, engaging video that quickly cut to QTimer’s business benefits, compelling more national quick service restaurant owners to take action.

We also designed, wrote and produced a value impact calculator landing page so franchise owners can quickly "do the math" and see the big time savings and revenue gains QTimer can bring to their business.  Lastly, we created a low-friction “QTimer Test Drive” offering; a fast, low-risk product pilot test that gives multi-store owners a way to prove the QTimer system before committing to a larger franchise-wide implementation. The combined video, value calculator and test drive offering has helped HyperActive dramatically accelerate customer understanding and drive faster sales appointment setting outcomes, adding over 60 new strategic, multi-unit owner sales appointments within the first 90 days alone.

Does your business, product or service suffer from “customer fog”?

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