What is Your Single Nail Advantage?

There are so many things your company does. How do you focus all of that into a Single Nail: the unique strategic customer value proposition and market strategy that is all your own? Can you identify yours? Are your associates on the same page with this focused purpose and value proposition?  If your answer is no, we welcome you to consider uncovering and leveraging your Single Nail Advantage. 


  • Define Your Single Nail - Define a powerful differentiated offering that addresses your customers' requirements more effectively than competitors' solutions can.


  • Set Your Single Nail - Make unique, meaningful and motivating connections with strategic customers that result in a greater flow of scheduled sales appointments with key decision makers.


  • Drive Your Single Nail - Create compelling business presentations that enable your sales team to drive deep to the core motivations of key decision makers.


How DO we do it?

While we can’t give away our secrets here, we welcome the opportunity to arrange an introductory meeting between our company president and yours. Contact us below. 



Is your business position sharp and focused -- or is it a like a bed of nails?


Sherryl Nufer explains how Pareto Consulting's Single Nail gave them the edge in winning significant contracts.
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